About Adactus

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive mix of products that hopefully appeal to your needs. However, as flexibility and easy access is one of our strengths, it is impossible for us to keep our web-site complete with products that we offer.

DON'T HESITATE TO ASK US FOR PRODUCTS (within our nisch) YOU CAN'T FIND on our web-site.

Adactus AB, situated in Stockholm, was founded in 1992. Initially Adactus supplied standard and customized tele- and data communication accessories like AC/DC adapters, connectors, wall jacks, plugs, data- and patch cables used in wired LAN.


Since the late nineties when the w-w markets moved in to the wireless world, Adactus has been designing, producing and providing wireless accessories like antennas, cables and connectors to companies involved in the business of wireless communication. In recent years we have widening our window against the markets even more by presenting more accessories and services than ever on our highly appreciated web-site. 

Today our customers, spurred by the accelerating technical evolution, are designing "state of the art" equipment requiring custom designed accessories in both shape and frequency. 

Adactus AB stands ready to help and provide these accessories for you.

After almost two decades in the wireless business, Adactus and "Adactus Distributed Accessories"- ADA is a trade-mark in the w-w markets comprising not only Quality but Simplicity, Flexibility and Credibility.

All our products are compliant to the most recent updates of the RoHS and REACH directives.

When the need for accessories becomes an issue
What do I need? What's the price? Where can I get it?
The answer is simply Adactus