How to order and pay

How to order:


- When ordering, use e-mail


- Orders received before 11:00 we'll try to ship out the vey same day provided  

  everything is ok with the order and the items ordered are in stock. 


- An order acknowledgement will be within 2 working days.


- For deliveries to an EU country VAT number is compulsary 


- The original invoice will be sent by e-mail upon shipping of the goods or by other means if agreed


- General Conditions: Orgalim S 2022 with exception of pt. 51, see pdf below.                                                                                         

                                   Orgalim S 2000, see pdf below, on confirmed orders up until April 23, 2024.

How to Pay:


- Prices and invoices are normally in USD, in some cases EURO. It is normally

  accepted for EU/EES customers to get the USD invoice converted to EURO

  using the USD/EU rate on invoicing date.

- Payment terms is normally 30 days net or in advance.


  Payments should be made OUR. No foreign bank charges are accepted.


  For EURO payments from EU/EES countries only  SWIFT payment is 


  Paypal payment is accepted. Use account ""